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Being born and raised in a country where salsa music is a must in every party obviously had a direct effect on me. I started dancing when I was fifteen years old and it instantly became a heart-bounded passion for me. My thrive to become a better dancer quickly made me to enroll in all of the dancing workshops I could possibly take during my undergraduate where I had the fortune to be taught by the greatest casino dancer Luis Martinez, directly from Cuba.
During my final year of university I decided to take it to the next level by joining two different dancing companies lead by Adrián May (Danzantillando) and Marco Cruz (Boogalizing) where I learned New York style, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata and a pinch of ballet. I had the opportunity to perform with both companies in national congresses like the Salsa & Mambo Fest and the Summer Bachata & Mambo Fest, as in many local events.
I also had the chane to take workshops with international artists like Nora Marines, Joy Pulido, Adolfo & Tania, Yoanndy Villaurrutia, Vanessa Lacedonia and many others.
Joining the Salsaché team in Nottingham is one the best things that had happened to me since my arrival to the UK. I am very excited to share what I know about dancing to other people because I truly believe that sharing your passion and inspiring others to do the same thing is matchless.