About Us

Every story has a beginning and who better than Tamba the founder of Salsaché to tell it?

“When I founded Salsaché in 2012, I had no idea it would become what it is today: a place where people from different ages, religions and beliefs would come together and enjoy being with each other through dancing!

I started learning Salsa more than a decade ago and to be honest I got hooked straight away: it was exhirilating, even intoxicating! You would always find me in parties in and around Nottingham, I would weekly travel to Birmingham to dance and attend classes and I would start attending more and more festivals first in the UK then internationally.

Coming back from my travels, I would always be inspired to dance and learn more but I would find myself frustrated than barely anybody around me in Nottingham would feel that way. That’s when I decided to turn that frustration into creation: I started teaching and Salsaché was born!

Why the name Salsaché? Because we love this Latin dance and are inspired by the power of the word Aché. Aché is everything: divine grace, knowledge, authority, wisdom, and the inherited experience of all those who went before. It is also the life force that all humans possess, strength, power, vitality, the reason they are on earth. Aché is growth.

Salsaché was born out of passion and it’s that passion that we give back to our students! Every week in Nottingham, we also give them the tools and techniques to be free on the dance floor, to be themselves and to spread the love of dancing around them. In a world where so many things can separate us, dancing is such a powerful medium to channel the cry for love and connection that we all have and it fills my heart with joy to see that my school helps in that.