Fictional Salsa Story: The Shepherd

Maybe I can save this night? It’s always surprising how Merengue always empties floor especially if you’re away from Nottingham! That stupid guy don’t get it, people don’t like it because it’s too happy! They want to be moved, to feel the music and they feel it even more if it’s sad, melancholic or romantic even if it’s salsa. I’m a DJ but I see my task as a crowd controller, an amusement facilitator but most importantly a Messianic Shepherd! Wherever I go, I need to take people with me or force them to follow me. That’s a bit of a dictatorial approach but hear me out: who needs a good democracy? Offering too much choice to people is just delaying the realisation from them that you, the Main Man, The Shiz, know better. Yeah from birth to crucifixion, I’m gonna take them all the way! I’m on, let’s do this!

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