Fictional Salsa Story: Worth The Trip

At last, I got there! After a 2 hour journey you can’t imagine how good it feels to set foot to the ground and feel one’s body again. It’s crazy to think that I travelled all that way from Nottingham to engage in an activity which potentially doesn’t change a great deal in this world, is money consuming, gets me crazy but makes me happy…Name of the culprit: Salsa!! It’s something that I love so much that it….hang on…where are the people???…I was really not expecting this: it’s empty!… Well, there’s like 20 people but I’m sure no matter how you want to stretch it there’s a high probability that the level of those people doesn’t hit the roof….unless I happen to be amongst the very select committee of the 20 best and most fun dancers of the region…Oh no….

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