Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!! Join us on Tuesdays to start your dancing journey!

No, you don’t need to bring a partner to salsa classes in Nottingham at Salsaché. Many students come on their own and rotate partners during the class.

Comfortable and flexible clothing is recommended for salsa classes. Sneakers or dance shoes are also a good choice for the class.

Our students are from different walk of life and ages so you are all welcome

Salsa classes in Nottingham at Salsaché are typically one hour in length.

To see progress in your dancing, at Salsaché, we recommend taking salsa/dance lessons at least once a week. Some students take multiple classes per week to speed up their learning.

You don’t but booking in advance makes you save some pennies!

We offer private salsa lessons for individuals or couples who want more personalised instruction. These lessons can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you! Just get in touch for more info.

Salsa is a lively and rhythmic dance style that has its roots in Cuba, Puerto Rico, New York, and the Caribbean.

Cuban Salsa and Crossbody Salsa are both styles of salsa dancing, but they have some distinct differences.

Cuban Salsa, also known as Casino, is a style of Salsa that originated in Cuba and is characterised by rotative movements of the lead and follow. There’s an emphasis on body movement, fun and connection between partners to lively music.

Crossbody salsa, also known as “New York” style salsa, is a style of Salsa that originated in New York City. It is characterised by its fluid and continuous movements. It is typically danced in an open position, with the lead and follow facing each other and holding just one hand. The lead dancer often uses turns and spins to change the direction of the follow.