Private Classes

Improve quick with Salsaché private salsa classes!

Entertain your colleagues!

Have fun in a different way!

Impress your friends or family!

At Salsaché you can get private salsa classes or other dance classes if you live in or around Nottingham. We can offer you a variety of private classes, workshops, corporate events, shows and even arrange a wedding dance for you! You name it, we have it!

Here are the dance classes you can take on 1 to 1 basis, in couples or groups in and around Nottingham:

Cuban Salsa (Casino)
New York Salsa On2
Rueda de Casino (the Cuban wheel)

Salsaché also offers private tuition in those styles:

Mambo (on2)
African dances

Please contact Salsaché or Tamba to arrange those dance classes! If you live in Nottingham, we can book a mirrored studio (at extra cost) or you can learn in the comfort of your own home like many people choose to do.

Private Classes Cost
1 Class £35
2 classes £60
More Contact Salsaché

2 replies on “Private Classes”

Hi There,

I have a 30th birthday party booked for the Havana bar at Revs de cuba Nottingham on Saturday 6th February at approx 8.30pm Im looking for a salsa dancer to come along for approximately an hour to dance, entertain and teach a bit of dancing to the people at the party? get the crowd going!

If this is something you can do that would be ace. Let me know your availibility for this date and prices?

regards Sophia

Thank you this opportunity to be involved in your celebrations Sophia!! The Salsa class and the animations went great! Please let us know if you want more salsa fun injected in your Nottingham parties in future and hesitate to visit for info about our services!

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