Director of Salsaché, Cuban and Mambo Teacher

One foot in Cuba style, the other in New york style, Tamba (from Paris/France) has always been passionate about dance and especially Salsa. A passion which pushed him (and still does!) to travel and learn from the best and be confident in many aspects of those styles: Casino, Afro-Cuban, Rumba, Pachanga, Mambo on2 and Chachacha.

Tamba is based in Nottingham where he started teaching with Salsa Creativa, a Nottingham dance school he co-founded. However Tamba was mostly known for ¡¡Rueda Con Tamba!!, a series of popular Rueda Workshops (Casino Style) that he started running in 2010 in Nottingham then in Birmingham. They were workshops exploring Cuban salsa and incorporating Afro-Cuban movements.

Continuing his efforts to develop the Cuban style in the Midlands and encouraged by the high interest to dance that style, Tamba started to run “the Salsa Social” (Nottingham) and “Salsaché” (Birmingham) in 2013, 2 nights dedicated to the teaching, learning and enjoyment of Casino style (Cuban) in the Nottingham and Birmingham. In tight collaboration with Los Traviesos Productions (LTP), Tamba has also been teaching Crossbody on1 and Bachata classes at Caliente Thursdays.

Nationally, Tamba is a resident teacher for Mauricio Reyes (Latinmotion/Birmingham) and has taught/worked with many promoters/performers in the country: Lubi/Fabio (Calle Ocho/Leeds), Wendy Chapple (Cafe Mambo/Balliamo), Bill Salsa (Sheffield), Jane Salsaldi (Manchester), Salsa Nottingham, Gregory Abouna (Darlington), Jimmy S.A (Newcastle), Phil (El Grande/London), Robert and Jean White (Mambocity/London) and Stellan Jara (Bristol) amongst others. Internationally Tamba also taught in many festivals and events in Russia, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Norway, Malta and Holland.

Tamba used to be a performer for the former Birmingham-based Dance Company MAMBOLEO that he was invited to join in 2011 and at the same time had been training with 2 of the best Mambo/On2 artists in Europe, Mitchell and Monica, known for their great shows,  flair, energy and knowledge!

Tamba is now teaching and performing under his own steam with his dance partner Emanuela Iafrate and their shows have been really popular with promoters and audiences alike. They have weekly classes in Nottingham where they are known for their unique blend of classic Mambo/Chachacha and Afro-Cuban body movements.

Friendly and approachable, Tamba pays close attention to detail and technique. He adapts his style of teaching to the needs of his students so they make good and visible progress!