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In Nottingham, in our classes, we dance to great tracks! Whenever you feel you  wanna dance, here’s a playslist of Salsache’s favourite tracks! Practise and dance!! 🙂

The Salsa Stories

A series of short stories about the dance we love!

At last, I got there! After a 2 hour journey you can’t imagine how good it feels to set foot to the ground and feel one’s body again. It’s crazy to think that I travelled all that way to engage in a activity which potentially doesn’t change a great deal in this world, is money consuming, gets me crazy but makes me happy…Name of the culprit: Salsa!! It’s something that I love so much that it….hang on…where are the people???…I was really not expecting this: it’s empty!… Well, there’s like 20 people but I’m sure no matter how you want to stretch it there’s a high probability that the level of those people doesn’t hit the roof….unless I happen to be amongst the very select committee of the 20 best and most fun dancers of the region…Oh no….
Maybe I can save this night? It’s always surprising how Merengue always empties floor! That stupid guy don’t get it, people don’t like it because it’s too happy! They want to be moved, to feel the music and they feel it even more if it’s sad, melancholic or romantic. I’m a DJ but I see my task as a crowd controller, an amusement facilitator but most importantly a Messianic Shepard! Wherever I go, I need to take people with me or force them to follow me. That’s a bit of a dictatorial approach but hear me out: who needs a good democracy? Offering too much choice to people is just delaying the realisation from them that you, the Main Man, The Shiz, know better. Yeah from birth to crucifixion, I’m gonna take them all the way! I’m on, let’s do this!


Review of events we’ve been to

At the Dawn of 2015, this dance festival took place. This congress, organised by Sam Mills is known to be the friendliest in the UK and to be fair it lived up to its expectations! It was a pleasure to see some of our Students from Nottingham and other teachers from the Nottingham, London and North of England dance scene and everyone seemed to enjoy the event. Great dance classes were available, fantastic shows were seen and the parties were hot! We’ll be there next year as it is an event without the pompous attitude of some other events and perfect to ease yourself into the new year…in Latin dance style!!
The Wigan Salsa All Dayer
What a great weekend had by the Nottingham crew in Wigan! It was friendly, well organised, hospitable and FUN! A group of Students from Nottingham and Tamba attended this mainly Cuban Salsa event and they are contemplating coming back in July already. Tamba taught 2 classes which were well attended and make people experience the craziness of his Rueda which made him popular in Nottingham. There was one common theme throughout the weekend: the great music at both parties on Friday and Saturday and the high level of teaching by all the artists! The Wigan Salsa All Dayer proved that a Cuban event can be of quality when it is managed by love, care and conscienciousness, well done Sue for a well organised event! The Nottingham crew had a great time!!


The First Nottingham Rueda Flashmob

It was a glorious day…in many ways!! The Sun was out, People were out, we were out…dancing Rueda at Old Market Square in Nottingham!! I still can’t believe more than 70 people turned up and I thank you ALL for making that Rueda Flash Mob really really special!! WE LOOKED GREAT!! We made people stop, look and smile! We showed the people of Nottingham what SALSA was about: people of different ages, sizes and background sharing the same passion and having fun together! This is definitely one of my best memories of salsa ever and YOU are now part of it :))) Click here to watch the video!

The Rueda Con Tamba workshops in Nottingham

During from 2012, Nottingham has been the centre of all Rueda attentions thanks to the Rueda con Tamba workshops: a series of workshops happening every six weeks in Nottingham which has gained a a lot of popularity thanks to the passion shared for that form of salsa dance! The Fun spread so much that the Rueda Con Tamba workshops went to Birmingham too. To see what it is all about, watch the video!

The First Salsaché Choreography Bootcamp 24th Jan 2015

If you were not in Nottingham on that Saturday you missed a dancing feat! More than 20 people gathered to learn a routine choreographed to a great Classic from Hector Lavoe, Ublabadu and the result was really really impressive! More than 20 people came to dance in the true meaning of it: To dance to connect with the music! Those types of workshops help dancers understand the link between steps and music and they give life to their steps! As a choreographer, I was really proud to see the interest in that workshop and I was overwhelmed by the final product: Dancers respecting the music and the routine! It was great and I look forward to have another session in Nottingham again soon. Video coming soon!