What’s the difference between Cuban Salsa and Crossbody Salsa?

December 29, 2022, 12:25 pm

Cuban Salsa and Crossbody Salsa are both styles of salsa dancing, but they have some distinct differences.

Cuban Salsa, also known as Casino, is a style of Salsa that originated in Cuba and is characterised by rotative movements of the lead and follow. There’s an emphasis on body movement, fun and connection between partners to lively music.

Crossbody salsa, also known as “New York” style salsa, is a style of Salsa that originated in New York City. It is characterised by its fluid and continuous movements. It is typically danced in an open position, with the lead and follow facing each other and holding just one hand. The lead dancer often uses turns and spins to change the direction of the follow.